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Transparent Partners – The Urgent Need for Better Data Quality in CDPs

How Anomaly Detection Helped Transparent Partners


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Their Story

Why Anomaly Detection in a Data Quality Tool is Crucial to Transparent Partners

Transparent Partners has been helping clients evaluate and select customer data platforms (CDPs) for years. CDPs are used to fuel data-driven marketing tactics which businesses depend on to drive revenue. While configuring Tealium’s CDP, Transparent Partners chose Lightup for Data Quality and Anomaly Detection.

Watch our on-demand webinar, where you’ll hear from Darren Rankine, Partner of Technology at Transparent Partners and Josh Wolf, Head of Solutions Consulting at Tealium, discuss how they use the Lightup. 

Why fixing data quality (fast) was critical for McDonalds
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image of josh wolf

Josh Wolf

Senior Director of Solutions Consulting, Channel and Partnerships at Tealium
image of darren rankine

Darren Rankine

Head of Solutions Consulting at Tealium

image of bryan feuling

Bryan Feuling

Head of Field Engineering at Lightup

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